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Welcome to John J. Lease Realtors, the top independent real estate company in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Our location in the Mid-Hudson Valley offers great communities, excellent commuting options, terrific school districts, recreation, shopping and a wonderful selection of home styles at very affordable prices.

We encourage you to search our website, providing thousands of listings in the Hudson Valley and also for financing alternatives, community information, school district particulars, and other helpful home-related topics. Most importantly, you can identify and interview any of our agents most of whom have ten or more years of experience in real estate and are very knowledgeable about our various communities and neighborhoods. In fact, choosing an agent to assist you is the first and most important step you should take.

If you navigate through various websites and contact the listing broker of homes that interest you, please be aware that the listing agent represents the seller and the seller's interests. You'll want a buyer's agent who will represent you and your interests: An agent who will help you find homes of your choice and price range in neighborhoods and school districts that you will enjoy. An agent who will advise you as to a home's value and who will negotiate on your behalf with the sellers' agent. An agent who will be with you every step of the way until you walkout of your closing with the keys to your new home.

That's the service we have been providing since 1938.